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Wine Vins de Terrer Perfum 2017

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  • White wine
  • Winery: Vins de Terrer
  • Region: D.O. Conca del Riu Anoia
  • Grapes: Muscat and Macabeo
  • Bottle: 75 cl

  • Availability: In stock

    Wine Vins de Terrer Perfum

    If smells evoke sensations, perfume evokes emotions

    • Type: D.O. Conca del Riu Anoia
    • Alcohol: 11,50% vol.
    • Grape varieties: Muscat de Frontignan 55% and Macabeu 45%
    • Tartaric acidity: 6,12 gr/l.
    • PH: 3,15
    • Service temperature: 5-7ºC



    La Vida al Camp is inspired by the “Cabaler” Jaume Raventós’ book from 1898, where he explains his childhood experiences on the farm in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. He is an ancestor of the Raventós family and describes in detail what life was like on the Penedés farms at that time and how farmers in the region worked the land with respect and love for local matters.

    Perfum combines the aromatic notes of Muscat, with its unmistakable floral notes, with our local Macabeu grapes, a temperamental variety which adds freshness and vivacity.


    Tasting Notes

    "Perfum" presents itself with the simplicity of pleasure for pleasure's sake, the agreeable sensation of enjoyment without thought and of being captivated by a great aromatic intensity reminiscent of fresh grapes, extremely floral where roses reign supreme, as well as peach and a hint of fresh fig.

    On the palate it's straight forward and immediate but with a pleasant juiciness. Its extremely aromatic palate perfectly symbolizes this idea of "perfume".

    Additional Information

    Winery Vins de Terrer
    Location Sant Sadurní d'Anoia
    Grape varieties Macabeu, Muscat
    Eco-friendly No
    Denomination of Origin D.O. Penedès
    Volume 75 cl
    Vintage 2017

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    Raventós i Blanc: Tradición

    Una de las más largas tradiciones vitivinícolas documentadas en manos de la misma familia, en el mundo. Finca familiar desde 1497; 21 generaciones trabajando la misma finca.

    Conca del riu Anoia: el sueño de una DO

    Conca del riu Anoia, el nombre de una zona geográfica con unas características comunes: una historia vitícola milenaria; historia geológica de formación de suelos; variedades autóctonas; clima del Penedés oriental. Vinos sinceros fruto de una finca, de unos suelos, un clima y unas uvas locales.

    • 100% vinificación y elaboración propia
    • 100% viticultura orgánica y biodinámica
    • 100% variedades autóctonas

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