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Wines Merum Priorati

Merum Priorati’s essence, values and mission are reflected in its brand identity. In Latin, our name means “purity from the Priorat" and for us it epitomizes “wine from the Priorat in its purest state.” The geometric shapes in our logo are two ancient images symbolizing the sky and the earth.

The words Merum Priorati embody our very essence: Priorati ‘of the Priorat’ ties us to a region whose history makes our wines unique, and Merum `purity’ reflects our endeavor to remain true to our cherished roots and ways of working.

The primordial earth underpins our identity and our brand. We honor the earth, we show it our deepest respect, and we give it thanks for grounding us and supporting the vines that bear the fruit we use to make exceptional wine.

We know that the sky shapes the character of a wine. Merum Priorati wines contain the energy of the air and the sun, the magnetism of the moon, the echo of mists and frosts – the whims of a sky that holds sway over vines, time and mankind.

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