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The Codorniu vineyards. Everything starts with the vineyards. Codorníu cultivates its own vineyards and is the biggest proprietor in the cava region. We grow traditional grapre varieties such as Macabeo, Xarel•lo and Parellada and we have been pathbreakers in introducing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The Codorniu cellar. After they have been harvested, the grapes are pressed and converted into must. The must is then filtered and put into large stainless steel tanks where it ferments and is transformed into wine.

Coupage. The smooth wines that come out of the cellar have the personality of the different grapes. Coupage is the expert blending of these wines in the exact proportions defining each type of Codorníu cava.

The Codorniu cellars. Once it has been bottled, the wine goes into the cellars where it undergoes a second fermentation and is transformed into cava. This involves a long ageing process which ends with the dégorgement, or disgorgement, to remove the sediment and, on occasion, the addition of liqueur d’expédition, or passing liquor, to adjust the degree of sweetness.

Cava is the fruit of passion. It is far more than a sparkling wine. It is a symbol of joy, an inseparable companion, an invitation to party and a gastronomic pleasure, a perfect partner for the most varied and exquisite dishes. Drinking cava involves a ritual which has to be respected. The glasses must be of fine transparent crystal, tall and tulip-shaped. The drink itself must be served at a temperature of between six and eight degrees centigrade and it is important to ensure that an attractive crown is formed when you put it out. Cava is excellent at any time throughout a meal, from starters to dessert. Within the Codorníu range there are cavas to siut every dish. A Reserva Raventós is ideal with meat, a Pinot Noir for a desert, and an Anna de Codorníu with shellfish.

Visit Codorniu will be a unique and unforgettable experience. Millions of people have been there to admire these grandiose cellars, the biggest in the world, the pride of this wine-growing district. It was there, in 1872, that Codorníu sparkling wine, known as cava, was born. The buildings you can see are the work of the famous Art-Nouveau architect Puig i Cadafalch and have been officially declared a National Monument.
The history of Codorníu began in 1551. It is the saga of 17 generations of a family that have lived an authentic passion for the land.

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