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Cava Raventós i Blanc De la Finca 2014

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  • Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva
  • Winery: Raventós i Blanc
  • Region: D.O. Conca del Riu Anoia
  • Grapes: Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada
  • Bottle: 75 cl

  • Cava Raventós i Blanc De la Finca

    De la Finca comes from a vineyard located 50 km west of Barcelona with a historical geology and microclimate that enables it to rival the most prestigious sparkling wines.

    • Type: D.O. Conca del Riu Anoia
    • Alcohol: 12,20% vol.
    • Grape varieties: Xarel·lo 50%, Macabeu 40% and Parellada 10%
    • Tartaric acidity: 7,2 gr/l.
    • Ageing: Minimum of 36 months
    • Service temperature: 5-7ºC



    The soils on the estate are calcareous and date back to the oldest period of the Penedès depression some 16 million years ago. The first layer comprises roots of up to 1 meter that live in the clay along with nutrients, organic matter and water. Second layer, from 1 meter down. This is where the plant meets the compact clays known locally as galera. Calcareous base rock encrusted with marine fossils.

    The large number of marine fossils that characterize the structure and composition of these soils are the main source of the typical salinity and minerality of the wines from our estate.


    Selection of plots

    Grapes are selected from nine plots situated on the slopes of the Serral hill, with a northern exposure, between the woods and the lake, where we find the coolest temperatures during the ripening period. The Mirador del Serral and the vineyards of la Barbera.

    This terrain encourages long growing cycles, achieving an excellent balance for long-aged sparkling wines.



    The year 2011 in the Conca del riu Anoia was a vintage with a warm Mediterranean climate. The mild winter meant we could bring forward the vineyard cycle. Spring was wet and gave us an abundant supply of water for good plant growth to maturity. The dry summer with some timely rain and extremely warm temperatures for our area, caused a rapid maturation and allowed for a healthy harvest. The choice of harvest date enabled us to avoid over-ripening, thereby maintaining a good balance for the long ageing period of the De la Finca wine.

    During the agricultural year we had a low rainfall of 491 L/m2 (average rainfall of the last ten years is 526 L/m2) well-distri-buted throughout the growing season and the average temperature was 15 °C, the same as the average for the last ten years.



    Biodynamic viticulture. A vineyard with spontaneous vegetation coverage which affords biodiversity, fertility and gives the soil a lot of life. We add manure from our animals, composted in the winter. We perform a short goblet pruning.

    Use of plants and herbal infusions to minimize the use of copper and sulphur. Control of Lobesia Botrana by means of sexual confusion. Testing of fruit and maturation controls before the harvest. Manual harvest.



    The grapes enter the winery by gravity. At each stage, the atmosphere is controlled by dry ice. Slow pressing at low pressures. Static sedimentation at low temperatures. First fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Assemblage and second fermentation in the bottle with a minimum ageing period of three years in a horizontal position. No shipping liqueur added. Disgorging date stated on the back label.

    Additional Information

    Winery Raventós i Blanc
    Location Sant Sadurní d'Anoia
    Grape varieties Macabeu, Parellada, Xarel·lo
    Denomination of Origin D.O. Conca del Riu Anoia
    Eco-friendly No
    Volume 75 cl
    Vintage 2014
    Aging Gran Reserva
    Aging Mínimum of 36 months

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    Conoce la bodega Raventós i Blanc

    cava raventós i blanc

    Raventós i Blanc: Tradición

    Una de las más largas tradiciones vitivinícolas documentadas en manos de la misma familia, en el mundo. Finca familiar desde 1497; 21 generaciones trabajando la misma finca.

    Conca del riu Anoia: el sueño de una DO

    Conca del riu Anoia, el nombre de una zona geográfica con unas características comunes: una historia vitícola milenaria; historia geológica de formación de suelos; variedades autóctonas; clima del Penedés oriental. Vinos sinceros fruto de una finca, de unos suelos, un clima y unas uvas locales.

    • 100% vinificación y elaboración propia
    • 100% viticultura orgánica y biodinámica
    • 100% variedades autóctonas

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