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Cava Durán Gran Reserva

Ramon Canals, pharmacist and oenologist, is the third generation of the family. He combines both tradition and innovation being the head of this personal project, which was initiated in 2002. He launched his first bottles onto the market in October 2007.

He is constantly training in the most prestigious regions in the world, and by doing so, brings modernity to the most ancestral traditions.

Duran Gran Reserva project was born from a professional interest in elaborating only high quality sparkling wines, in the Penedes area, which are at the same level as the best sparkling wines in the world.


  • Highest quality grapes harvested by hand. Each variety selected and imported from its prime terrain.
  • Innovation in blending.Blend of the traditional varieties xarel.lo, macabeu and parellada wines with the new contributions chardonnay and pinot noir.
  • Ageing time. All of the cavas have been maturing for more than 30 months in the bottle in contact with the yeast.
  • Vintage cavas. We guarantee that Duran comes from one sole vintage, determined by climate and human factors. The vintage is indicated in each bottle.
  • Limited production. We elaborate limited editions, according to the vintage. We manufacture each bottle with the maximum dedication. For this reason, we number each bottle.
  • Application of “poignetage”. Recuperation of this ancient technique that consist of agitating the bottles during the ageing phase, in order to achieve a better interaction between the yeast and the cava.
  • Manual rotation of each bottle. We conserve the traditional technique of allowing the sediment of the yeast deposit into the neck of the bottle for later elimination.
  • The black seal of Gran Reserva. After 30 months of ageing and passing a rigorous control of quality The Regulation Council of the Cava gives a black seal as a guarantee of Gran Reserva. All the bottles of Duran Gran Reserva cava show this seal on.

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