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Cava Bertha

From 1989 we have been producing what is for us the best wine in the world: THE CAVA. You won’t find anywhere else a sparkling wine with a so marked personality, due to the landscape, the land, the climate and, above all, because of its local grape varietals. The blend of these grape varietals provides the cava a unique personality.

Bertha’s promise to its consumers is to produce our cava in the same way as our ancestors did, while incorporating modern knowledge and the latest technology during the whole process.

Another commitment is to maintain our limited production in the future and to respect the local wine-producing area as much as the indigenous grape varietals.

To introduce cava Bertha and its products of extraordinary quality throughout the whole world, focusing mainly on the specialized shops and high gastronomy, has been our objective. To achieve this, Bertha also relies on strategic agreements with importing companies and distributors which specialize in high-quality products.

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