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What is Cavapack?


Online Cava and Penedès Wine shop.


Cavapack was born from the passion for Cava and Penedès wine. We perfectly known these products and we also acknowledge that the person who treats them better is their producer. Therefore, we can affirm that besides accompanying a good meal, their best place to be in is their winery.

Our company’s maxim is not to take the wine and cava out of the winery until our costumers demand it. In this way, we do not unnecessarily move or expose our products to dramatic changes of light or temperature, thus guaranteeing their optimum condition.

We want to provide our costumers with recently uncorked cavas and young wines, instead of products that have been stored for months or displayed at a shop window. We do not want to stock our products at the warehouse because their proper place to be is the winery where they were born. The more time they spend outside it, the more properties they will lose. Due to this, our aim is to provide your table with cava and Penedès wine directly taken from the winery and in 24 hours.

In Cavapack we love Cava and Wine, and we hope you enjoy them!